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In July, 2015, Henry Bismuth accepted to work with the not-for-profit, Global Scribes Inc., understanding that their mission reflected much of his own philosophy.

Segments of his interview by a Global Scribes Youth Leader on questions assembled by Global Scribes Youth from around the world is available on their YouTube Channel, which is linked with their website. He has donated his painting, Armoured, for their first fund-raising event.

"Global Scribes Inc. facilitates healthy, culturally-enriching relationships for youth ages 8 to 22 within an environment free from politics, religion, causes, and socio-demographic segregation. We focus on global journeys through the written word, visual and audio arts, dynamic interaction, and consistent interplay across multiple virtual platforms–Fun, Education, Focused Passion and Play Intertwined. For Youth, By Youth–working together to build a world of friendship where solid global foundations can be built."


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Animal Aid USA -

Animal Aid USA is a 100% volunteer organization founded in 2012 as a 501 © by Karen Lasasso and Lorenzo Borghese. They and their team are dedicated to empowering people to make changes in the lives of shelter animals through education, awareness, and resources.

Their rescue and relocation model creates a lifeline for unwanted, abused and abandoned animals in the southern states while, also, helping animals and their families in our own communities. Dogs about to be euthanized are saved. They are provided with all necessary veterinary treatment including vaccines, spay/neuter, and heartworm treatment. Once they are healthy and ready to be adopted, they are transported to receiving rescues or private adopters.

On average, they rescue over 300 dogs per month. To date, they have rescued and provided veterinary care to over 20,000 homeless animals including one for Henry Bismuth and his business partner in July, 2017.

Inspired by Cher’s adoption, her “freedom ride” with an Animal Aid volunteer of 10-hour’s round trip from a kill shelter to Camp Animal Aid, and Cher’s subsequent arrival in New Jersey 2 ½ weeks later in their monthly caravan, they have committed to donating a painting per year for the next 5 years for auction at Animal Aid USA’s annual October fund raiser. The first painting was titled Rescued.



Sing for

Sing for Hope is a non-profit organization founded in 2006 by opera singers Monica Yunus and Camille Zamora. The two New York City based vocalists and alumnae of the Juilliard School established Sing for Hope as a resource for New York artists of all venues who want to use their art to uplift and unite communities.

Sing for Hope’s arts outreach programs have brought hope and inspiration to thousands of individuals in under-resourced schools, public hospitals, hospices, veterans’ centers, after-school programs, neighborhood centers, nursing homes, and disability networks. To date, Sing for Hope has partnered with over 250 non-profit organizations, involved over 3,500 artists in community volunteerism, and placed over 400 artist-created Sing for Hope Pianos throughout New York parks and public spaces for everyone to play – a symbol and celebration of art for all and the largest public arts program in the City of New York impacting more than two million people annually.

Bismuth looks forward to being a Sing for Hope Volunteer Visual Artist 2018 creating his own uniquely inspired piano.

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